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CSG is not a platform for shopping, it’s a way of living. We embrace brands that are conscious towards the planet and its people.
Being Naked is the #1 most Sustainable option. were #2
Here you can find a preview of all our various shopping categories for conscious consumption. This includes our sustainable fashion and organic beauty selections, as well as other, more nuanced, collections of items for fitness, wellness, home and eco gifting options. We hope that there is something for everyone looking to shop more consciously.
Consider CtrlShift.Green an ec(h)o chamber for conscious consumerism. You can close all other tabs and immerse yourself in your first ever guilt-free shopping experience. As a luxury retail platform, we prioritise promoting ethical, sustainable and homegrown labels that share the common mission to protect the planet and its people transparently and effortlessly. CSG is a space where consumers are empowered to allocate their purchasing power towards not only fashion-forward but also forward-thinking brands, with just a click.
Here at CtrlShift.Green we’ve done the homework for you, don’t worry- we are all on the same page! Together let’s change people’s misconceptions of sustainable fashion from muted to stylish, from the feeling of compromise to an opportunity to elevate your everyday.
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